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Centre for Healthy Longevity

What We Do

What We Do

The Centre for Healthy Longevity is a multi-disciplinary hub that integrates research from basic science and applied human to clinical care, providing a holistic strategy to promote healthy living throughout the ageing process, from effective disease prevention in the healthy individuals to novel and compassionate end-of-life care.

The Centre’s mission to delay ageing, increase human healthspan, and maintain functionality and resilience, is accomplished using a two-pronged approach – leading scientists conduct fundamental research using animal models to delineate mechanistic pathways of ageing and is translated to human clinical studies to promote healthy longevity throughout the life course.


experiment_team_of3.pngFundamental Science research is led by the Healthy Longevity Translational Research Programme of NUS, which aims to bring together scientists and clinicians from a broad range of disciplines to investigate the multifaceted aspects of ageing to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the biology of ageing. Through this, we can identify, understand, and manipulate common pathways that modulate ageing and seek methods to translate findings from bench-to-bedside. 


Research themes undertaken by Healthy Longevity Translational Research Programme, NUS:

  • Biology of Ageing
  • Muscle Ageing
  • Brain Ageing
  • Vascular Ageing

For more information on the programme, please click here.

​Translational Science research undertaken by the Centre for Healthy Longevity focuses on the development of dietary, exercise and supplemental interventions to delay ageing and extend healthspan.

Applied Human Research Projects include:

  • Ageing BIOmarker study in Singaporeans (ABIOS)
  • Aerobic and Resistance exercise modulates skeletal muscle Senescence and immune biology in young and older women (ARISE)
  • Rejuvenate SenescenT hallmarks of Older adults through Regular Exercise (RESTORE)
  • Alpha-ketoglutarate supplementation lowers Biological agE in middle-aged adults (ABLE)
  • Personalizing Exercise for Enhancing Healthspan: Using Artificial Intelligence for N-of-1 exercise prescription (N-of-1)

​For more information on how to participate on our clinical studies, please click here.