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Centre for Healthy Longevity

Training and Education

Training and Education

The Centre for Healthy Longevity believes in the importance of training the next generation of ageing scientists and geroscientists. From internships and graduate programmes to postdoctorals and clinician scientists training, we provide opportunities for individuals interested in ageing and geroscience to develop their research skills and make palpable impact in Singapore's ageing landscape.

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*APPLY NOW: 10-21 JUNE 2024*

Click here to apply. Deadline 1st February 2024.

Healthy Lifespan for everybody – Our goal is to make health attainable by individuals at any age. To advance this mission, we must nurture future scientists and healthcare professionals. The Healthy Longevity Talent Incubator aims to attract young talents into healthy longevity medicine and foster leaders of the next generation who will drive the promotion of healthy longevity in Singapore and around the world.


This 10-day intensive course (10th-21st June 2024) will be held in a fully serviced campus facility. Participants and international faculty stayed on the premises throughout the programme to facilitate optimal learning and exchange of ideas through:

  • Interactive state-of-the-art lectures about the latest longevity research and interventions, consumer market trends, and the future of healthcare
  • Building and improving leadership skills in healthcare
  • Singapore City Mission involving field trips, local issue analyses and commentary writing
  • Walk-the-talk initiatives such as active exercises and creative activities
  • Career development workshops, mentorship, and networking with industrial leaders


View the past course report (672KB, pdf), (Appendixes, 2.11MB pdf).

(Updated Jan 2024)

The Centre for Healthy Longevity participates in the NUS PhD program in Life/Medical Sciences. Potential candidates could choose to work on their doctorate with any of the faculty members in the list.

The following scholarships are available for NUS Medicine graduate students:

  • NUS Research Scholarship
  • NUS Medicine Graduate Studies Award (GSA)
  • NUS SINGA Scholarship
  • President's Graduate Fellowship (PGF)
  • ISEP Scholarship

 For more information, click here.

​The Centre for Healthy Longevity is committed to train Clinician Scientists in translating geroscience to clinical applications. We provide opportunities for clinicians to develop their independent research skills through mentored research experience under faculty members. Interested clinicians, please contact us for more information.

We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic students/volunteers who are keen to study or make an impact on the ageing landscape in Singapore. Please contact us for more details on how to participate in our internship programme.