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Centre for Healthy Longevity

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

The Centre for Healthy Longevity (CHL) is helmed by Prof Brian Kennedy bringing the excellence of biological and clinical science together into translational research. At CHL, we aim to add healthy years of life by delaying ageing, prolonging a disease-free life, and maintaining high functionality by developing biomarkers to measure ageing, testing interventions to slow ageing and creating implementation strategies to extend healthy life expectancy in Singapore.

Our director is an expert in the field of ageing science and with his expertise, we can move beyond fundamental science into the sphere of translation, moving ageing mechanism into human cohorts, clinical trials and eventually into clinical practice.

​Prof Brian Kennedy is widely recognised for his contributions in the biology of ageing and as a visionary committed to translating research discoveries into new ways to delay, detect and prevent human ageing and its associated diseases.

He is currently a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology as well as the Director of the Healthy Longevity Translational Research Programme in NUS and Director of the Centre For Healthy Longevity, NUHS. Prof Kennedy also serves as a Co-Editor-In-Chief at Ageing Cell, holds multiple adjunct appointments in many universities and serve consultancy and board capacities in biotechnology companies working on longevity research.

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