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Yeo Boon Khim Mind Science Centre

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


An Undefeated Mind – Building resilience across all ages



Undertake research on mental resilience interventions across the age continuum using a non-drug, evidenced-based approach


Capacity-building through the training of healthcare professionals, educators, caregivers and volunteer trainers to promote communities with an Undefeated Mind


Influence government decision-making pertaining to mental health policies of the nation

Centre Director A/Prof John Wong Chee Meng is an established psychiatrist with a special interest in trauma psychiatry, ADHD, and developmental psychiatry. He serves as the President of the College of Psychiatrists Council and Programme Director of REACH (West), a national initiative which addresses the mental health needs of school-going adolescents.

There is now a growing urgency, locally and regionally, for innovative strategies to combat dementia and other psychological issues arising from a fast-paced lifestyle and an ageing population. In response, the Mind Science Centre promotes the use of non-drug psychosocial interventions to build mental resilience and enhance cognitive performance in the community. The nationwide programmes we develop are based on deep research and evidence-based studies. We hope that you will join us on this journey to boost mental wellness across the age continuum and create a brighter future for everyone.