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Mind Science Centre

Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab)

Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab)

Mind Art Experiential Lab

Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab) is an innovative space for discovery of creative and integrative interventions through arts, mindfulness and transdisciplinary research to promote mental wellness and enhance quality of life in the different communities.

MAELab is located at Alexandra Hospital and has a flexible multipurpose space for activities, workshops and exhibitions. MAELab hopes to fund creative initiatives that demonstrate the benefits of the creative arts (music, visual arts, performance arts, dance and movement, literary arts, etc.) in the community.


Inaugural Exhibition: Arts, Mindfulness & The Ageing Brain

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Ageing is inevitable but have you ever wondered if we have control over how we age? If this question interests you, we may have answers for you!

Find out what are the lifestyle changes we can engage in as interventions to mitigate the effects of ageing. To add a dose of wonder: What if you could prevent cognitive decline and improve your brain health through art and mindfulness?

Get ready to explore the link between arts, mindfulness and the ageing brain at Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab)'s very first exhibition!

Duration of Exhibition: Till November 2021

Admission is by booking only. Check out the available slots HERE

Note: In accordance to the Phase 2 Heightened Alert Safe Management Measures, MAELab is only able to accommodate 2 visitors at one time.

What's meaningful

Do you know that there are community programmes that seeks to enrich the lives of persons living with dementia and their caregivers?

De-Adventure under Montfort Care is one such programme and MAELab is proud to showcase some of the artworks by inspiring seniors, who remained active despite suffering from cognitive impairments.

S.J.Ho Artwork 1.jpg

Make a guess on what inspired this artwork! Find your answer at our exhibition.

While you are at the exhibition, be sure to look out for the featured diary artwork 'Stop Chewing' by Sia Joo Hiang, where she documented her father's journey living with dementia.

Stop Chewing_Artwork.jpg

We have dedicated some of the walls to showcase some of Mind Science Centre's key research on Art, Choral singing and Tea Drinking over the years. The education component of this exhibition seeks to create awareness on the potential interventions we can engage in to mitigate the effects of ageing and prevent the onset of dementia. So, do keep a look out for them as well!

Tea Display_Interior.jpg

Planning a visit soon?

Here's the address:

Alexandra Hospital

378 Alexandra Road, Block 29 Level 2 (Above cafeteria)

Singapore 159964

Admission is by booking only.

Check out the available slots HERE

If you have any further queries, please contact Rachelle at

Mind Gym

Housed within the Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAELab), Mind Gym is contemplative space to cultivate mental fitness. It provides training and learning of mindfulness-based interventions as informed by research to improve cognitive functions and strengthen mental resilience.

Mind Gym_Interior.jpg

What is Mind Gym?

Just as how people go to gym to train physical fitness, it is beneficial to cultivate the habit of going to a Mind Gym to train mental “muscles”. 

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who is interested in mindfulness practice for mental fitness. We welcome patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, as well as members of public to join!

What do we offer?

Mindfulness programmes offered by Mind Gym are largely based on the secular work of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and other Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs) as informed by research. Adaptions are made to cater to the unique needs of different populations Mind Science Centre serves.

Programme types:

Lunchtime Practice (Virtual)

Mindfulness lunchtime practice is open on every Wednesday 1.00pm to 1:30pm (unless otherwise specified). This short half-an-hour session consists of  15 minutes mindfulness practice and 10 minutes group sharing based on the practice. It is catered for busy working adults to take a mindful self-care break in the middle of the day. Complete beginner is also welcomed to join and explore mindfulness experientially (i.e. through practice).

8-week Structured Programme (virtual)

Mindfulness 8-week programme is a structured programme that focuses on the experiential learning of mindfulness. This relatively intensive programme allows participants to learn mindfulness and deepen mindfulness practice in a progressive way. The weekly session is on every Wednesday evening, and participants are expected to attend all sessions (or at least six sessions out of eight) and commit to daily practice of mindfulness. Complete beginner is welcomed to join and learn mindfulness in a structured way.

Programme fee:

$50 for NUHS staff & NUS staff/student

$100 for public

Class size: 25

To sign up for this programme, you may find the form HERE

Half-day Silent Retreat (virtual) - New schedule coming up soon

Mindfulness half-day silent retreat is a block of time (four hours either on a Sunday morning or afternoon) set aside for people who are interested to deepen mindfulness practice and look inside themselves. Participants are expected remain silent during the 4-hour retreat, and there is also time set aside for group sharing based on the retreat experience. Complete beginner is also welcomed to join and explore mindfulness experientially (i.e. through practice).

For further information, you may contact Joy at

 Keep a look out on this space as the virtual tour is coming soon.