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Centre for Innovation in Healthcare

What our Innovators say

What our Innovators say

Gui Chuanhao

“CIH has been nothing but helpful in my journey to bring my innovation into the market. Despite being just a medical student, I got the chance to meet so many people from the industries who are able to advise me on how to navigate the medtech space. Through these guidance and partnerships, I have gained new insights on how to better develop my product to suit the market. I look forward to a strong partnership with CIH in the coming years!”

~ Gui Chuanhao ~
House Officer, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
MBBS Graduate of NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
1st Prize, Team Paper Breath, Medical Grand Challenge 2018
Founder, Breath Technologies

Joseph Zhao

I got to know the CIH team when I was just a student hoping to solve some medical problems. Even though I was very new to medical innovation, CIH patiently guided me through the starting processes of product development, working with regulations and designing studies.

The time I spent at CIH has been enriching and fulfilling in many ways. I have learnt so much from the experience working with them, and gained even greater inspirations from their enthusiasm. The team’s vision for the future of medical innovation and their resilience in pursuing it has meaningfully shaped my own insights and dreams about the field.

CIH has been an integral and memorable part of my journey since stepping into medical innovation. I look forward to seeing more great things coming from them in the years to come.

~ Joseph Zhao ~
Medical Student, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
Special Mention Award, Team PulseRed (Medical Grand Challenge 2019)
3rd Prize, Team SlideEasy (Medical Grand Challenge 2018)

Viveka K.

As an innovator in the medtech space, I’m privileged to have gotten the access to CIH’s support so early into my start-up journey. CIH offers a holistic support to both the innovation and the innovator. The implantable medtech space is a tough yet rewarding journey. It takes a village to commercialize a medical implant technology, passing all the quality, regulatory and clinical pathways, without undermining the fund raising part. CIH is here to hand hold and guide the medtech spin-offs at various stages of development. They trusted me and my innovation, way too early into my journey. Their trust and subsequent seed funding has helped me gain the trust of other stakeholders and boost my value. I can’t imagine my entrepreneurial journey without CIH in it. My heart-felt gratitude to CIH and its absolutely amazing people for their inimitable and consistent support. Anyday, CIH is the backbone of my entrepreneurial journey and it’s my pleasure to be a part of their portfolio spin-offs.

~ Viveka K. ~
Postdoc Research Fellow, National University of Singapore
Team WISE Sutures, Winner of LOTUS-NUS Healthcare Innovation Fund (2019)

Elisa Lim

The CIH community have been supportive by getting Will & Well exposed to the med tech space and exposing us to opportunities with hospitals. Besides, we’re well hosted in a cosy space curated by team CIH. We look forward to future collaborations and opportunities in the space!

~ Elisa Lim ~
Will & Well

Ivan Goh

Getting a medical device from the lab to market can often feel like a long and perilous journey up the mountain. Having a good partner like CIH who is interested in your success, and to provide timely support and insights is invaluable. Thanks team at CIH for your mentors’ guidance, for opening doors for us, and for providing us timely additional resources to forge ahead!

~ Ivan Goh ~