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Centre for Health Professionals Training

About Us

About Us

The Centre for Health Professionals Training supports training of the future healthcare workforce through continual learning and skills upgrading for health professionals who provide care across the healthcare continuum.

The Centre for Health Professionals Training was established in 2017 as one of the six Centres  under the National University Health System.

Mr Dennie Hsu was the inaugural Centre Director who convened different work streams that focused on different staff groups. With his extensive knowledge and experience in Allied Health professions, the Expert Series was conceived, where domain experts were invited to develop niche, skills-based programmes that focused on knowledge and skills transfer from these experts to the local Allied Health Professionals.

His team also focused on developing programmes to train a future-ready healthcare workforce, looking at skillsets that will ensure the healthcare workforce remains relevant in this era of disruptive innovation and transform the way healthcare is delivered. 

The current team comprises the following who are highly committed to healthcare professional education and training.

  • Mr Michael Ong, Centre Director     
  • Dr Isaac Sia, Allied Health Programmes, Co-Lead                        
  • Mr Desmond Hoon, Allied Health Programmes, Co-Lead    
  • Ms Shirlyn Tan, Senior Executive
  • Ms Melody Cheng, Senior Executive

Mr Michael Ong Adj. A/Prof Michael Ong is currently the Head (Diagnostics), Allied Health and Pharmacy at the National University Hospital and concurrently the Group Director, Allied Health Council and Centre Director of the Centre for Health Professionals Training (CHPT) at the National University Health System. 

As Group Director, he led the Council in defining NUHS Allied Health, restructured career and professional development pathways and consolidated training and development under the Centre for Allied Health Excellence. He has also expanded the repertoire of bespoke skills-based training programmes under CHPT. At NUH, he provides clinical operations support for the Diagnostics departments and supported the restructuring of Allied Health and Pharmacy in providing professional oversight for  various Allied Health professional groups within clinical disciplines. 

A diagnostic radiographer by training, he remains active in radiography practice and education, and was appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor at SIT since 2022 and as Associate Lecturer at Parkway College. He was involved in implementing professional registration of diagnostic radiography and radiation therapy under the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), and developing the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography programme at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) in 2016.

He served as past President of the Singapore Society of Radiographers and is currently a council member of the AHPC and serves on the Complaints Panels of the AHPC, SMC and SDC. He also holds several appointments internationally relating to Radiography and Radiological Informatics. 

Apr 2016  : Appointment of Centre for Health Professionals Training Workgroups

Jan 2017  : Establishment of Centre for Health Professionals Training as one of the six NUHS Centres 

Nov 2017  : Launch of first workshop as part of the Expert Series

July 2017  : Launch of first course as part of the Healthcare Support Series

Mar 2018  : Launch of first workshop as part of the Future-Ready Skills Series

Apr 2020  : Transition of 6 Centres of Excellence to Alexandra Campus

Dec 2021 : Collaborated with NUHS Mind Science Centre (MSC) on organising 2 new workshops

Jan 2022: Collaborated with NUS YLLSOM-DGMS to launch the Executive Certificate in Healthcare Improvement via Informatics

Jan 2023: Launch of Health Informatics Workshop to introduce participants to foundational concepts in healthcare informatics (HCIT), the local HCIT landscape and the HCIT ecosystem within NUH / NUHS

Aug 2023: Collaborated with NTFGH on organising 2 new workshops 

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  • if we can assist in bringing in domain experts to enhance your healthcare workforce’s competencies
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